Frequently Asked Questions

Please select a school either from the homepage or from the selectschool link. On the SellBooks app select your school in the Settings panel-> Then return back to the main screen->select the search tab or promoted tab-> wait for it to load the ads.
If you do not see your school name in the list to select schools, this just means you are the first person in your school to use this app/website. Simply click the link "add School" and enter your schools details. To rectify this problem onmobile please go to the Settings panel and select "Create a School".
By promoting your book you "bump up" your book to the very top so when users are looking for books they see yours first. Your books can be sold upto 5x times faster. Once you have created your Ad, instead of clicking "Submit" instead press "Promote" on the App versions. For the website simply choose what kind of promotion you want and click submit. Note: Once an ad is created you can promote it by editing it.
Simply click on the book that you want to buy and start chatting!
Currently, We are still finishing this feature on the website version but on the App, they work just fine.
When creating an ad you must select a "Type of Book". This allows users to know if the book your selling is for the class they are in. It takes the format Type of class: Name of Class. Example: "English: Introduction to College English"
For this textfield please right ONLY the name of the book. Extra information such as edition, version, volume should be written into the description.
To delete an ad simply click the delete button situated right next to the image of the Ad. If on the SellBooks app simply long hold (Android) or swipe to delete (iOS) on the ads you want to delete and then click the delete button in the top right corner.
Go to "My account" click on the section where ever your ad might be (Ads: for unpromoted, Payed Ads for promoted) and simply click on the ad you wish to edit.
Good News, your ad has not be deleted. Simply refresh the page to get it back. As long as you dont press the Big Red Delete Button your ad is not permanently deleted.
By telling us what book you are looking for, we can save any book that is being sold at your school for you so that when you visit your account overview tab "What book are you looking for" we can display all books that you need.
We have limited the amount of open chats to 7 because thats how many can fit on the page.
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